You could do better!

Confidence, effortlessness, and focus.

Simplicity can be elusive, but is always present.



We believe in the impossible, and our purpose is to assist in achievement. If you have a dream, we admire your courage, and ours is to make yours come true.

Dre Turnbull




"You should go do a technical course because doing level 3 Maths for you is going to be like jumping over the Grand Canyon. It's impossible, you can't do it."

Mr. P. M., Former Deputy Principal




"I have worked with hundreds of young coaches over the last 26 years, and occasionally I meet one that really stands out, and that’s what you get with Dre, something very special, passionate, professional and personable."

Dave Niethe, Mental Performance Coach




"When consulting with Andre I was impressed with his creative ability to process conceptual ideas and formal compositions."

@theblackcloud, Destruction Gully, Tattoo Artist


eSports Athletes

We don't have a reference from an eAthlete yet, but we would love the opportunity to get one! Please reach out to us, we have a proposal for you.

Dre Turnbull, Passionate Gamer


eSports Teams

We don't have a reference from an eSports Team yet, but we would love the opportunity to get one! Please reach out to us, we have a proposal for you.

Dre Turnbull, LCS, Big Fan


Sports Teams

"Dre is a pillar of strength. I look to him for guidance within my BJJ career because he embodies the black belt and the leader that I endeavour to become."

Rebecca Annan, 6x World-Champion BJJ Fighter



"Andre expects nothing less of you than he would expect of himself. Peak performance challenges are universal: self-belief, consistent habits, continuous learning and never give up."

Alex Turnbull, C-Level Executive


Corporate Teams

“If Dre’s brain was hooked up to a neurological computer, it would probably blow the circuit.”

Mel Cupples, Operations Executive


Doctors/Medical Students

"Andre has a unique ability to tap into our individual motivations. Whether your goal is physical, mental or professional, he is a critical piece to that puzzle."

Sean Cameron, Doctor



"Dre's an angel. He shows up whenever my life needs redirecting and pulls my mind back into shape. After talking to him, I know what to do next."

Rachel Bland, Founder, My Sunday Club



"Andre is adept at adapting to any environment. He has an innate ability to understand and cultivate a positive team culture (or individual) to influence performance."

Justine Powell, Corporate General Manager


I totally recommend Dre as a coach, as a colleague, as an advisor, consultant and as a friend. He is authentic, caring, sincere, talented, provocative and fun to be with"

Graham Ritchie, CEO

Andre is without a doubt, the hardest worker I've met in my life. He becomes obsessed with what he's trying to achieve and success is usually an eventuality and merely becomes part of the joruney."

Rob Kay, AdTech Executive

Creative, smart, driven, honest, well-read, well-spoken, persistent, diligent, disciplined, determined, strong minded, curious. And handsome."

Kiki Turnbull, Mum

Andre has been an example to me and there are many skills I’ll take from him. One of the best people I have met in my young life."

Victor Corgie, International Business Executive

Finally today I received my permanent contract... I am very happy now. Thank you so much, you have helped me in many ways, in fact you built the foundation for this success."

Sunil Balashanmugam, Production Executive

F*** bro, I seriously love you man. One of the very few people I think about every day in my life. Extremely grateful to have met you back in 2015. More than a friend to me."

Calum Ormiston, Specialist Recruitment Consultant

I'm very thankful for having had you alongside us during these crazy times. Made me lose my hair bro! Anyway, honestly you have a good mind."

Mehdi Balghi, French Baking Specialist

Andre has a passion for caring for people and that is reflected in his work. He listens, motivates and challenges you in constructive ways to make you strive to be better and to do better"

Ben Gilmore, Doctor

Andre helped me to overcome my fears and get me out of my comfort zone. He gave me the confidence to be my best self and to do the best that I can in any work that I do."

Bruna Keller, Digital Marketing Executive