Dre Turnbull Peak Performance Consultant/Coaching



Dre Turnbull believes performance is a state of being, and that pressure is a privilege. Anyone is capable of achieving unbelievable results. We live in a world full of references of individuals who gave themselves permission to be great; yet the majority of people believe they are destined to be average. To do average. To live average.

A decorated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt with over 20 years of experience competing in Martial Arts, Dre brings his philosophy of fighting into every day life, which has allowed him to succeed in many different areas at a young age.

In Athletics, Dre has won 7 national BJJ titles, worked with international UFC training campscoached hundreds of students, some of which became World Champions, and developed his own fitness system for maximising physical performance.

Concurrently, Dre developed his first business (previously called Freshcatch) at the age of 23, taking it through every stage from problem/solution fit, establishing the minimum viable product, implementing product/market fit, scaling, selling, and maturing/managing the business post-sale to bring over 470 thousand dollars of revenue in its best month to date.

After achieving his goals in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, and travelling around the world (literally), Dre is now focusing on making the world a better place to live by empowering individuals, teams, and places to perform at their best.

Obsessed with learning through an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Dre spends his free time studying performance – what it is, and how it happens.

A natural coach with an enthusiastic style and a powerful mind, Dre has a way of communicating complex research in simple terms and actionable steps, making the learning process enjoyable, understandable and achievable.

Committed to adding value or going hungry, Dre set up DT Performance to be a risk-free, performance optimisation journey. Are you ready for yours? 

"Courage is knowing what not to fear."

- Plato